“New Order / Siren Call?” by Goh Uozumi

  • ©, Goh Uozumi, New Order / Siren Call?
  • ©, Goh Uozumi, New Order / Siren Call?
  • ©, Goh Uozumi, New Order / Siren Call?


    New Order / Siren Call?

Artist(s) and People Involved:




    Unfixed size, mixed media

Artist Statement:

    New Order / Siren Call? visualizes the existence of cryptocurrency as the origin of the new order. The cryptocurrency is a new electronic & programmable money based on cryptography and distributed network technology, typified by Bitcoin and Blockchain. The visualization-of-existence means to show everything that exists, including its structure, history, future, and thought. New Order / Siren Call? does not have a fixed form and consists of symbolic pieces distributedly. To Goh, the cryptocurrency is regarded as one of the movements of automation. Goh states that human beings are automating intelligence, labor, and money and the cryptocurrency symbolizes the automation of Trust, calling it “TRUSTLESS”. For Uozumi, TRUSTLESS is a new property that humans acquired for the first time in history. It has a potentiality to shift the human society and species system to the next phase by entrusting trust, as natural property like love, to the algorithm. Considering the meaning of what the algorithm acquires as the natural property, Uozumi believes this new technology is already changing the economic ecosystems rapidly, consequently leading to ‘the new order’ of the contemporary society. Going further from symbolizing/calling Blockchain- the “inorganic and complicated resource management protocols”- as mere ‘Coin’, New Order / Siren Call? aims to question the ‘positive’ future fueled with the rationality and will of humanity, perceiving the very technology as ‘Siren’s voice’.



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