Haein Kang

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  • ISEA2019

    Haein Kang is a multi-disciplinary artist. She intends to surprise you with novelty and beauty of her artwork. She employs advanced contemporary technology to explore the infinite possibilities of artistic expression. Recently, she works at the Art+Brain lab at the University of Washington (USA) and develops artworks researching neuroscience and brain-computer interface. Kang began in earnest her career as an artist by winning the grand prize at an installation art competition organized by the San Francisco Arts Commission in 2002. Various places in Korea and the U.S. held her exhibitions including SOMA Museum, Seoul Museum of Art, Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco Art Commission Gallery, Richard Levy Gallery, and Gallery 4Culture.


    Haein Kang (born in S. Korea) is an artist working at the intersection of art and technology. She is making machines which are useless but working for beauty. Her machines are operated by the computational system to simulate natural phenomena or movement. DXARTS, University of Washington, USA.

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  • Washington, United States of America



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