Hana Iverson

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  • ISEA2014

    Hana Iverson, Drexel University, US, is a media artist and informally, a systems integrator, with a focus on public art and networked communities. Her work emphasizes an embodied experience of place and activates social engagement via installation, mobile distribution and multimodal interaction. Recent projects include SonicCity, a city‑scale sonic landscape designed for the city of Philadelphia.


    Hana Iverson is an artist whose projects incorporate mobile narrative, augmented reality, installation and photography. Her education initiative Neighborhood Narratives (NYC, Philadelphia, NJ, London, Tokyo, Rome), engages the neighborhood as social practice to explore questions about subjectivity, embodiment, social networks and place inside of alternative forms of distribution. Neighborhood Narratives has received collaborative funding from the Mellon Foundation. Iverson’s work has been exhibited across North America and in Europe; she has published articles and chapters on mobile narrative, and lectures widely. She is the Visiting Scholar, Institute for Women & Art, Rutgers University – New Brunswick and a Senior Fellow with the Center for Creative Research, New York University.

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  • United States of America



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