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  • ISEA1995

    Henry See is Vice-President of ISEA95. He has produced several hypermedia pieces and interactive installations, including The Gould Profile (1989), A Memory Project (1991), honorary distinction at Ars Electronica, B*rbies Virtual Playhouse, (1993) and I see you/Je te vois (1994), on display during ISEA95. He recently designed a CD-ROM of photos for use in the Inuit school system in Nunavik (Northern Quebec). He is currently a visiting researcher at the Centre for Information Technology Innovation (Montreal). On the whole, he is discouraged by the cliches ripe in the field of media art, be they visual or theoretical. His proposal at FISEA in 1993 for a moratorium on the use of Photoshop was largely ignored. He suspects this year’s call for a moratorium on any citing of the works of Baudrillard will meet the same fate.


    Media Artist, Organizing Committee ISEA95 (Montreal), visiting professor of computer art, University of Vermont, Burlington, USA.


    Henri See is a Canadian artist.

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  • Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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  • US

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