“A Memory Project” by Henry See

  • ©, Henry See, A Memory Project
  • At G-Tech, SIGGRAPH '92, Chicago


    A Memory Project

Artist(s) and People Involved:



    Macintosh Hypercard stack

Artist Statement:

    A Memory Project is an interactive exploration of memory and forgetfulness in humans and computers. The content is presented from two perspectives: the scientific and the artistic. Areas of interest on the scientific side include the physiology of memory, the psychology of memory, epistemology, artificial intelligence and neural networks. The artistic side poses questions about the relationship of humans to computers. The project unfolds temporally in two parts. Part 1 looks at memory; Part 2 looks at forgetfulness. The system reflects this change by beginning to forget itself. Menu choices disappear. Sections which were once available are now forgotten. The cartoon agent ‘Bob’ serves as host and personification of the project. When the system begins to forget, it is through Bob that this forgetting is translated to the user.


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