Hugo Arcier

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  • ISEA2023

    Hugo Arcier is a French digital artist (actually he is an artist in a digital world) who uses 3D computer graphics in various ways: video installations, prints and sculptures. Devoted first to visual effects for feature films, he has worked on numerous projects with directors such as Roman Polanski, Alain Resnais or Jean-Pierre Jeunet. This profession has allowed him to gain a deep understanding of digital tools – in particular 3D graphic images – which is essential for the birth of his projects. Since 2004 he develops plastic and reflective artworks that meticulously dissect the specificities of 3D computer graphics and virtual worlds, being part of a new form of art. His artistic works have been featured in numerous festivals (Elektra, Videoformes, Némo, etc.), in collective exhibitions in galeries and art venues (Le 104, New Museum, Palais de Tokyo, New Media Art Center of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, galerie Magda Danysz, galerie Plateforme, etc.) and contemporary art fairs (Variation, Slick).


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