“inLAND, Come Back In Broad Day” by Annabelle Playe, Marc Siffert, Hugo Arcier

  • ©, Annabelle Playe, Marc Siffert, and Hugo Arcier, inLAND, Come Back In Broad Day


    inLAND, Come Back In Broad Day

Artist(s) and People Involved:


Artist Statement:

    Performance, La Muse en Circuit, Alfortville, May 17

    Immersive performance with audio-reactive electronics, video and 3D
    Annabelle Playe, Marc Siffert & Hugo Arcier, are ISEA2023 selected artists

    Passages, crossings and metamorphoses weave the odyssey of InLAND | come back in broad day. These universes are explored live as a 3D video game in which we wander. This exploration is carried out on site or remotely with Discord gamer tool.

    InLAND is a hybrid project between electronic lutherie, digital art and video game “let’s play”. The performance draws as much from the tools of creating games as from its abundant visual culture, creating a porosity between the two worlds. InLAND opens the doors to a meta universe, where artists explore the notions of passages, crossings and metamorphoses…
    Annabelle Playe will be the guest of Laurent Vilarem for his program ‘Journal de la création’ (France Musique) on Sunday May 14 .

    Annabelle Playe: concept, composition, live electronics, voices
    Marc Siffert: composition, live electronics
    Hugo Arcier: video of audio-generated sythetic 3D imagery
    Estelle Bordaçarre: body work
    Halory Georger: visual design
    Dorota Kleszcz: costumes
    Perrine Cado: lighting
    Samuel Herbreteau: direction
    Production : AnA Compagnie
    Coproduction : Scènes Croisées de Lozère, Biennale NEMO, Ville de Mende

Other Information:

    With financial support from the Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles Occitanie, la DGCA-SACEM, l’ADAMI, du FCM, la SPEDIDAM, du Conseil Général de Lozère