Ioulia Marouda

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  • ISEA2022

    Ioulia Marouda is a multidisciplinary designer whose work expands between interactive art and scenography. She is currently a doctoral fellow in art science and computer science at Ghent University and part of the IPEM (Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music). Her research interests include interaction in XR, embodiment, computer graphics and perception. She currently focuses on the transmission of embodied knowledge through immersive and interactive technologies as well as the translation of physiological data as a way to explore the possibilities of the virtual body to uncover qualities otherwise invisible. Ever since her diploma studies in Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens, she grew an unusual interest in the way digital technologies affect our perception of space. This led her to study further in the Interactive Architecture Lab at UCL. She has worked with design studios and in theatre in Germany and the UK designing physical and digital temporary spaces. Ultimately, through working across mediums she aims to express stories and atmospheres of the present.

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