Jenny Leary is a textile designer interested in developing new materials. Her primary area of research is magnetism and ferrous substances. In 2007, she started gathering samples of her material experiments and developed the Ferrofabric collection. Since then, her magnetic materials have been applied in fashion, jewelry, science education, furniture, performance art, and interiors. Along with finding commercial applications, Ferrofabric seeks to challenge traditional notions of novelty and invention. From 2008 – 2010, Jenny worked alongside a group of experimental textile designers at Puff & Flock in London, UK. The collective grew out of the Design for Textile Futures course at Central Saint Martins, where Jenny got her MA. Her BFA is from Cornell University, USA. She is now based in the US, where Ferrofabric continues to explore magnetism through various collaborations. Previous exhibitions include Embracing Technology (National Craft Gallery Ireland), Science Museum Festival of Innovation (Wroughton, UK), the 2008 Fiber Arts Biennial (Tsinghua University, Beijing), Milan Furniture Fair (2009 and 2010), and Subtle Technologies (Toronto, 2011).