Jeremy Oury

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  • ISEA2019

    Initiated by Antoine Briot and Jeremy Oury (France), Collective ARCAAN combines audio and visual skills to make singular mapping or digital installation. They pursue explorations into intermedia forms to create the synaesthetic and minimalist partition with unexpected narrations in various ways (architectural mapping, led screen, immersive installation, full-dome, …). They focus on research about illusions from geometric distortions of Moiré’s effects and works on immersive forms in order to place the viewer at the center of a minimalist virtual universe to disrupt his perception of space. The sound partitions are inspired by abstract textures with several sound layers, radically transformed sounds and electronic samples. The video contents combine different geometric and abstract forms to create distortion and tension’s games specific to minimalism. They won several art prizes in Europe (Jury Prize at FIMG 2015, Public Prize at ICIA 2018).


Last Known Location:

  • France, French Republic

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