Jeremy Oury, Antoine Briot: Immersive

  • ©, Jeremy Oury and Antoine Briot, Immersive
  • ©, Jeremy Oury and Antoine Briot, Immersive



Artist(s) and People Involved:




    360° Video


    7680×1080 px, 6x6x3 m

Artist Statement:

    Immersive plays with the Op art concept and minimalism content to produce illusions and illimited perspective. Projection plays with delay and echo in a rhythmic progression of abstract patterns.
    It wants to surprise the viewer to get out of his custom point-of-view and question the perceptions of our daily reality and his relation with the environment, leaving the person free to look at the environment around them in altered space.
    Through the computing of the sound and music patterns, and with the decomposition of 3D shapes projected in the four walls, the viewer has the sensation and the illusion of being inside them as mixed reality. The 360° format gives the opportunity to share this experience with other people in real space and not virtual. Video contents push physical walls in an illimited perspective. The ascending movement and the use of stroboscopic images give a new feeling of time and the sensation to be fully immersed.
    A surrounded sound system accentuates the sensations of infinite space and the soundtrack is inspired by electronic melody derived from pure sinus and digital noises recreating a real electro-acoustic noise orchestra. Video and sound are written in parallel to have a synesthetic coherence and global work.




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