Joachim Sauter

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  • In Memoriam: [1959 – 2021]

    Sauter studied design at the UdK Berlin, and studied direction and camera at the German Academy for Film and Television, Berlin. He was using computers both as a tool and as a medium since the early stages of his work. A pioneer of new media, he developed and shaped this field with his works from the early 1980s on.

    In 1988 he founded the new media design studio ART+COM, together with other designers, architects, technologists, and their ilk – more generally, artists and scientists. Their goal was to practically research this new upcoming medium in the realm of art and design. They have come to emphasize the translation of information (easily transmissible via new media) into physical spaces, offering a more communal, reality-grounded experience than computer monitors alone allow for. As Head of Design at ART+COM, he led the interdisciplinary group’s innovative experiments, using new technologies to convey complex topics while exploring their potential for spatial communication and art.

    Joachim Sauter lived and worked in Berlin.

    source: wikipedia 10/15/21


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