John Tonkin


  • Australian Centre for the Arts and Technology

Job Title:

  • Lecturer



  • ISEA1997

    John Tonkin is an Australian electronic media artist. For many years he created 3D animation using his own physically based modeling software. He is currently working on a series of web based interactives. His work has been shown widely including at SIGGRAPH (U.S.A.), ISEA93 (Minneapolis), Ars Electronica (Austria), VideoFest (Berlin) and ISEA95 (Montreal).


    John Tonkin electronic media artist whose video installation “These are the days” was shown at FISEA (ISEA88). Recent screenings of his computer animations include Siggraph 93, Ars Electronica 94 and Videofest 95. He is currently visiting lecturer in computer animation at the Australian Centre for the Arts and Technology, Australian National University.

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  • AU

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