Johnny DiBlasi

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  • ISEA2020

    Johnny DiBlasi is an artist who works with computational media, data and network hardware to create large-scale, interactive installations that fuse data into the physical architecture. With these works, he explores the aesthetic possibilities of data gathered by sensors dispersed throughout the landscape and how these artistic experiences can connect users to the pulse of the landscape in which they coexist. DiBlasi is Assistant Professor of Scientific Visualization and Digital Media in the Department of Art and Visual Culture at Iowa State University. DiBlasi earned an MFA from the Photographic and Electronic Media program at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD. DiBlasi teaches studio courses in video, web design, creative coding and interactive media, and he exhibits his artworks and installations nationally and internationally.


    Johnny DiBlasi’s (United States) creative practice sits at the intersection of art and technology and explores various computational processes and forms. He works with data and code to create large-scale, interactive installations that fuse sites pecific data structures into a physical  architecture. Through this work, DiBlasi is interested in the complex relationships between our landscape and its networked technologies.

    ISEA 2017

    Jonathan DiBlasi, Assistant Professor, Department of Art & Design, University of Indianapolis, USA.

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  • United States of America

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