“Hidden Layer” by Johnny DiBlasi

  • ©2019, Johnny DiBlasi, Hidden Layer
  • ©2019, Johnny DiBlasi, Hidden Layer


    Hidden Layer

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    In the United States “precision farming” is the term used to describe the processes of using technologies and sensors to gather data to target resources to crop production. These technologies are tools understand, monitor, and control organic systems. Johnny DiBlasi’s work is an ongoing inquiry into these invisible data structures within the landscape. He creates public interfaces where all these various inputs—specifically data signals, the public, and the broader ecology—are connected, and a tension with and awareness of the invisible digital architecture is explored through the public’s experience.

    hidden layer is a site-specific and interactive installation that utilizes sensors to gather data from various spaces both in the natural environment and the constructed urban spaces around the site of the artwork. Various biosensors are setup within the space that capture organic and environmental information and transcode this data into physical form and light. This data will drive the representation of a large physical grid or mesh comprised of strands of light emitting diodes while live sound waves create a sonic representation at the site. Codec explores how can this bio-data can be captured and its potential to generate a new interactive aesthetic experience of the local ecosystems.


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