Josef Bares

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  • ISEA2016

    Josef Bares’s area of interest lies in systems of signs. He uses different ways to visually convey the processes taking place in signification – the creation of meaning. Bares is especially interested in relationships between city and language, space and semantics: How we do ‘read’ our urban living environment and how do we shape it in this process of reading. Recently he has focused on the process of consumption as a process that is not complementary but equal to creation: Consumption as creation. How do we position ourselves within the realm circumscribed by knowledge, affect, attention and cognition – terms which more and more frequently appear as differentiating adjectives of the term ‘economy’? The Consumption Series project re-appropriates personal consumer decision data, which would otherwise be silently forgotten by the consumer while actively data mined by the merchant. Furthermore, the consumer decision data is re-used as a compass to navigate lived mediated experience represented by news items, images, etc. resulting in a vast yet consistent data sculpture, reflexive of the conditions of its own creation.


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