Kaoru Motomiya

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  • ISEA2002

    Kaoru Motomiya is a Tokyo-based visual artist. Motomiya has presented her works at more than twenty of shows and symposiums, participating several Artist-In-Residences (Japan, US, Canada, Australia 1996-2002). Motomiya belongs to japan Society of Medical History and curated a scientific exhibition (Natural Science Museum, Tokyo University 1997), also collaborated with scientists in edutainment projects: “Digital Museum” (National Science Museum, Tokyo 1996), “Visible Inside” (Shiroishi Municipal Center, Miyagi 1998). Her robotic works are related to the issue of body and senses: “Hairball machine”, “baby walk”(1996-1999). Motomiya’s latest installation “canon” centers on social perception of ideal body, took part in “Art and Medicine” (ICC, Tokyo 2002).

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