Embodiment: Meat and Machines


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  • Embodiment: Meat and Machines

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  • Embodiment: Meat and Machines



  • We are all dislocated organs in a mapped symbolic state open to operation open to social and philosophic interpretation and reading. We are already mapped we are constantly written to we are informed we are reproduced in our most predictable and deducible form. Technology and the art of button switch manipulation proved this and requires recruits. We are constantly studying techno operation with the commitment and unthinking/unquestioning/uncreative mandatory read only drive of the ALU. Sometimes we make mistakes.”   -Waterson, 1990


    Over the past decade the human body has become a key site of investigation. Contrary to early predictions and fears as cyberculture(s) unfolds the focus has increasingly centered on the biological body and embodiment. Gender issues remain on the agenda of artistic explorations. There is no such thing as a neutral body. This panel presented by an international interdisciplinary group of women artists explores the gendered body within new media practice.


    Full text (PDF) p. 141