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    Konrad Becker is active in electronic media as an artist, author, composer as well as curator, producer and organiser. Director of the Institute for New Culture Technologies/ t0, and World-Information Institute (World-Information.Org), a cultural intelligence provider, co-founder of the seminal Public Netbase (1994–2006) he also created Monoton, a pioneering electronic music act, and the Global Security Alliance for cultural risk management.



    Konrad Becker is a hyperreality researcher/developer and interdisciplinary event designer. He is chairman of tO/Institute for New Culture-Technologies, (Public Netbase t0.or.at, BRAIN.VADER), the Institut für Wissenschaftliche Sensation and Public Transport Systems. Public Netbase is a not-for-profit Internet service provider. Along with being an internationally acclaimed content developer, the organization also runs a comprehensive event and information program in the Viennese Museumsquartier. It provides its 1000 users with the technical assistance and knowledge needed for active and creative participation in Internet communication and the World Wide Web. A founding member of Monoton, providers of fine electronic music and psycho-acoustics since 1979, Konrad Becker’s presentations and publications include text, video, music, installations and environments focusing on subjective science, culture synthesis and electronic media. He has been working on inter- and hypermedia productions for international festivals and galleries, group-exhibitions, art-fairs, event-halls and various cultural spaces. Articles and essays for books, magazines and journals on culture and technology. Lectures and seminars at universities and institutions. Participation in international conferences and symposia.

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