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    Remote Viewing

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    “Spraying the walls” through a real-time-interaction push-media application located on the WWW. Invited participants (and anybody with access to the password) can contribute to the show with text and image via the Internet and thus actively work with the environment from anywhere in the world. Slogans, images and other visual signals are transmitted and will be beamed into the exhibition space. The basic display unit for a “remote viewing” installation consists of a PC with sound card with a direct connection to the Internet. Using a web browser connected to one or more data beamers project the self refreshing screen/image. Remote Viewing uses a 24 hour RealAudio Channel.


    “Whatever we do, we are communicating and interacting all the time; rapport is a tool that gives instant access to other minds”     —EI Iblis Shah, The Book of Half-Truth


    One CIA mind control project in the 50s, aimed at finding ways to protect the security of agents in the field, was project BLUEBIRD. It attempted to discover means of conditioning personnel to prevent unauthorized extraction of information. During the project, another goal was established-the evaluation of the offensive uses of unconventional interrogation methods, including the use of hypnosis and sophisticated combination of drugs. Later renamed Project ARTICHOKE, the objective was the creation of a “Manchurian” killer marionette with an electronically blanked memory, while MKDRACO was developing brain telemetry and intra-cerebral control devices, implanting micro-receivers in the frontal or temporal lobes. Various other projects like STARGATE investigated possibilities of using telepathic control or remote viewing, for military purposes. Other initiatives: Senso-Linguistic Infiltration Programs (SLIP), Telepresent Contagious Postures (TCP), Propaganda Propulsion Project (PPP), Mac Believe, Cybercratic Conspiracy Command Control Intelligence (C4I), Intelligent Pandemonium (IP), Infobody Biofeedback Modulation (IBM), Vast Active Living Intelligence System (VALIS), Meme Slaves (MS), and Leviathan Supersystems.


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