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    Ksenia Fedorova, Assistant Professor, Leiden University, The Netherlands. Ksenia is a media art researcher and curator. She holds PhD in Cultural Studies (University of California Davis), Ph.D in Philosophy/Aesthetics (St.Petersburg, Ekaterinburg). She is the author of “Tactics of Interfacing: Encoding Affect in Art and Technology” (MIT, 2020) and the co-editor of “Media: Between Magic and Technology” (Armchair Scientist, Moscow, 2014). In 2007-2011, she was an initiator and curator of the “Art. Science. Technology” program at the Ural branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts (Ekaterinburg, RU). After her recent postdoctoral fellowship at Humboldt University in Berlin she joined Leiden University Center for Arts in Society as an Assistant Professor.


    Ksenia Fedorova. Media art researcher and curator. She holds MA in Philosophy (Ural State University, Russia) and MA in Art History (University of Colorado, Boulder, USA). She is currently completing her PhD in Philosophy at the Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg, Russia) and is a PhD fellow at the Cultural Studies Graduate Group, University of California, Davis (USA). She has been an initiator and curator of the “Art. Science. Technology” program at the Ural branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts (Ekaterinburg) where she has curated a number of international exhibitions and events.

    She has taught classes on media art theory and history at the Ural State University and the Danube University, Krems (Austria) and has participated in many national and international conferencesand workshops. She is an author of articles and essays in Russian and international editions and is a co-editor (with Nina Sosna) of the collection of articles on Media Theory (in Russian, with contributions by J.Ranciere, A. Galloway, W.J.T. Mitchell, J.L. Déotte, G. Lovink among others; coming out in 2011-2012). She serves as a member of the 2011 selection committee for PRO & CONTRA, a symposium and media art contest based in Moscow, Russia.

    Her research interests locate within the spheres of media art theory and history, aesthetics, philosophy, techno-cultural studies. In her dissertation she fathoms the concept of the ‘technological sublime’ in relation to media art as a term that addresses the potential and the ambiguities arising from the power of media technologies, informing the debate with a historically grounded epistemological discourse (e.g. of the negative order of representation).


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