Linda Kronman

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  • KairUs and Danube University


  • ISEA2015

    Linda Kronman, KairUs and Danube University, Krems, Austria. I work as a independent media artist and designer. Since year 2000 I have worked as Graphic Designer, Art Director and Animation Designer and taken part in several multidisciplinary Research & Design projects. In my artistic work I explore interactive and transmedial methods of storytelling with a special focus on digital fiction. In connection with my studies at the MediaArtHistories program in Danube University Krems, I was focusing on participatory ways to experience and archive social media fiction. I am interested in participatory art and design practices, specially in connection to creative activism. Since 2010 I have worked together with Andreas Zingerle forming the artist collective KairUs working around the theme of Internet fraud.


Current Location:

  • Krems, Austria

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