Luciana Haill

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  • ISEA2011

    Luciana Haill is an artist working with Neurotechnologies to sample human brains’ electrical oscillations (EEG) emitted during Altered States of Consciousness. Through her practice she creates interactive telematic artworks, performances and sensory environments. She has appeared on TV and Radio triggering 3D spatialised sounds via brainwaves and collects samples for her “EEG Thought Depository”. Altered states of consciousness can occur passively through daydreaming or reverie upon awakening. Luciana’s experience of meningitis and fever as a teenager led her to fascination with imaging the intangible in the brain.  Dominating her work are science art projects exploring lucid dreaming, hypnosis and forms of meditation. She is currently Visiting Research Fellow at CCNR – Centre for computational Neuroscience and Robotics in Sussex University (UK) and ‘Head of Augmented Consciousness’ for The Institute of Unnecessary Research.

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