Maja Kuzmanovic

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  • ISEA 2002

    Maja Kuzmanovic (B/NL/HR) is an artist-researcher and director of FoAM VZW, an independent, Brussels-based laboratory, an edge-habitat between culture and science, technology and nature, reality and virtuality. She is board member of Foam VZW’s sister organisation Stichting FOAM in Amsterdam. FoAM’s most recent projects focus on ‘mixed reality’ applications, such as responsive spaces and wearable architecture. Previously, Maja was an artist in residence at CWI, Dutch National Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science, GMD, German Institute for Information Technology as well as a course designer for Design Technology for the Utrecht School of the Arts. In 1999 she has been elected as one of the Top 100 Young Innovators by MIT ‘s Technology Review, for her works on non-conventional research and application of several technologies, ranging from Internet to Mixed Reality and fully immersive CAVE environments. Maja
    holds a Master of Arts in Interactive Media, that she acquired from the University of Portsmouth in 1997.


    Born 20th September 1973 in Pula, Croatia, Kuzmonovic is currently finishing her Master of Arts in Interactive Multimedia at the Utrecht School of the Arts, specializing in interactive storytelling. During my study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and fashion department of the Utrecht School of the Arts, I worked on integration of old and new media within multimedia, audio-visual performances, fash­ion shows and print-media. As a graduated trend-forecast­er, I concentrate on developing and visualizing content and its structure for interactive multimedia, video and theatre productions. Recently participated at MILIA ’96 in Cannes with the forecasting CD-ROM Isaw Project;  International Theatre Festival PUF’96 in Croatia with a lecture about new media and performing arts; Doors of Perception 96 Conference in Amsterdam with the installation waiting for reply. . ; Lumiere On-Line Festival for Interactive Film and Storytelling with the Creation of Change web-site; International Film Festival in Rotterdam with the presenta­tion of the digital trend book Creation of Change; Dramaturgy Debate in Utrecht with a lecture about future of stories within new media; European Media Master of Arts Forum in Stuttgart with the presentation of Once Upon a Moment…


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  • Croatia, Belgium

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