Marcos Garcia

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  • ISEA2013

    ‘Stretch’ provided Aldo Giorgini (1934-1994) with a framework for manipulating vector primitives using his own mathematical model. Although ‘Stretch’ was technically reported in 1981, Giorgini had a prior body of work from 1976 that demonstrated the use of stretching algorithms to make art, resulting in works that resembled checkerboards, stripes, polka dots and swiss cheese. Despite exhaustive primary source research at Giorgini’s estate in Lafayette, Indiana, there is no evidence that the manuscript for ‘Stretch’ was actually published. However, the Stretch framework was found in a manuscript form, and this paper will unveil the methods that Giorgini created for his own artistic production. The program was written in Fortran IV and intended for a CDC-6600 computer.



    Head content development and co-ordinate the main working lines of Madrid’s Medialab-Prado. In spring of 2006 they started the project Interactivos, a platform for developing projects through the collaboration of participants who come from different disciplines, combining production workshop, theoretical symposium and exhibition in a process that has been open to all audiences since its inception. Other working lines at Medialab-Prado such as Visualizar, Commons Lab, Inclusiva-net and AVLAB use the collaborative model of Interactivos in their development.

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