Mark Guglielmetti

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  • ISEA2015

    Dr. Mark Guglielmetti & Dr. Vince Dziekan, Monash Art Design and Architecture, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, supervisors

    Mark Guglielmetti has a PhD in Visual Art for examining artificial life as a contemporary artifact in image making and not through the domain of computer science. The culmination of this research built on the artists’ studio-led research practice into the digitally mediated reconfiguring human in a Master of Arts degree exploring visual perception, completed in 2004. Guglielmetti has been widely published including in Leonardo, Computers in  Entertainment (ACM), and the Philosophy of Photography, and has presented at numerous conferences in Europe, the US and Australia. Guglielmetti’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally including ISEA2011 Istanbul, Ars Electronica 2004, Biennial of Electronic Arts Perth (BEAP) 2004, the Melbourne International Film Festival 2001, and showcased at the Architectural Biennial in Beijing, China, 2004 and in “Australian Screen Culture”, at the Barbican in London, UK, 2004 and Centre Pompidou (Paris, FR) in 2003.


    Mark Guglielmetti, Center for Electronic Media Arts, Monash University, AU, explores the formation of cultural identity vis-a-vis encoded and decoded systems. He is  currently researching the relationship between cinema and artificial life and, the expressive potential to co-evolve an artificial life filmmaker in and with an artificial life ‘world’.

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