Marta Lyall

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    Marta Lyall holds the position of Assistant Professor of Electronic Time-based Media in the School of Art at Carnegie Mellon University. Her work has always involved working with science and technology. During her graduate studies, she gained insight into scientific approaches while helping to construct 80 Drift Chambers, a project with sci­entists from the University of Chicago, at Fermi Lab. She has recently been exploring the insertion of organic mate­rial into electro-chemical and electronic processes. This work includes developing crude bone synthesis using 19th century electro-chemical processes, and the development of piezoelectric membranes from bone collagen. In the Fall if 1996, she received a Faculty Development Grant from Carnegie Mellon University to support these investiga­tions. In addition, she teaches courses in imaging tech­nologies, including VRML, (Virtual Reality Modeling Language), and computer-based multi-user networked environments.

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