Marta Lyall: Human Exchange / Temperature Differential

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    Human Exchange / Temperature Differential

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Artist Statement:

    Our bodies are the “source” of information for developing technologies, and the fuel which sustains them. Organic materials, (flesh/bone) and processes, (breathing/perspiring), provide the territories and maps which guide our technological advances. Over time these technological constructions begin to lose any semblance to their organic origins, and become encased in institutionalized beliefs. We are interested in finding ways through the seemingly impermeable membrane enclosing technological assumptions. Through our collaboration we have developed an installation which expands upon these ideas. It is composed of two reciprocal systems; one located inside the other. The exterior thermodynamic system uses electromechanical forms to create an exchange while the interior system uses electromechanical reaction to create a form through exchange. The room will be lined ice, which serves as a medium to cool a sheet of glass upon which catches condensation from mechanical breathing devices. This is the thermodynamic exterior system. Fuel cells,(batteries) made of and powered by hair along with house hold current together power a crude bone grafting method based on electroplating technology. This is the electrochemical interior system. Upon entering the space, people will become aware of the cold atmosphere and hear the irregular sound of breathing coming from the mechanical devices. By their presence in the room they will add the heat of their bodies and the cadence of their breath to the work.


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