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  • Ovid Media


  • ISEA2014

    Matthew Riley, AU, is a PhD candidate at Swinburne University and lecturer at RMIT University. His work has been featured in international exhibitions and publications and he has spoken at events and venues including the Milia Conference (France), The London College of Communication (U.K.), NHK Broadcasting (Japan), xCoAx2014 (Portugal) and The Society for Animation Studies (Melbourne).


    Ovid Media is Jason Frank & Matthew Riley. Ovid Media has been working in the medium of digital video for seven years; recently exploring the emerging arena of broadband streaming and live performance based manipulation of video. Through this new medium of live manipulation Ovid Media has been able to completely circumvent the limitations of linear video in the live performance environment. Currently, by working with electronic musicians, we have been able to create multimedia presentations that are improvisational and dynamic through the use of networked computers that are creating music and manipulating projected video.

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  • Australia


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