Jason Frank, Matthew Riley: Psychogeographica Map: The commute

  • ©, Jason Frank and Matthew Riley, Psychogeographica Map: The commute


    Psychogeographica Map: The commute

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Artist Statement:

    The works produced explore the transient ambiance of existing in a digitally interconnected society that is multifaceted and non-linear. To achieve this goal we have created audio-visual psycho-geographical maps based on the experiences of living in a modern urban environment. The realization of these audio-visual maps has been achieved by the advances in computer based media creation. The visual spaces are captured using digital video equipment and are edited and encoded using Apple’s FinalCut Pro and Terran’s Media Cleaner 5. After the footage has been edited and properly encoded it is then manipulated, mixed and projected during the live performances on two Macintosh G4 laptops using a stand alone application that incorporates Max/msp with Nato modular video objects. A network is created through a midi interface with the musicians so that signals can be passed back and forth between the computers that are generating the music and imagery. The signals are recognized by each computer as triggers that can modify the source material, creating an interactive environment. By escaping the confines of linear based media a new dialogue can be created that is more akin to the way our minds filter and perceive society.