Mechthild Schmidt

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  • ISEA 2019

    Building on fine arts and history studies in Berlin, Mechthild Schmidt Feist (DE/USA) has worked in digital media since her DAAD graduate grant and Whitney-ISP fellowship brought her to New York. She worked as an award-winning artist for major studios and artists such as Alexander Kluge and Ornette Coleman. She has exhibited/lectured widely (SIGGRAPH, MIT/CAVS, NMC@Princeton, Bauhaus-Dessau, NYU, NTU-Singapore, SànArt-Saigon, Assumption-University-Bangkok). Mechthild explores interdisciplinary themes in virtual and conventional spaces between painting, photography and animation. Her visual elements often juxtapose graphic light elements with typography and the abstracted human figure in motion to overcome obstacles. She coined the term “Engaged Media” for a recent installation and projection series on environmental and ensuing social crisis as an aesthetic and ethical question. Her poetic use of animated texts reflects on personal responsibilities as a citizen and artist. Mechthild Schmidt Feist teaches as a Professor for Digital Communications + Media at New York University, USA.


    Mechthild Schmidt is a German living in New York. She has worked with 2D and 3D animation as an artist and designer for 11 years and shown his works at festivals in the US, Europe and Japan.

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  • New York, United States of America