Melissanthi Saliba

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    Melissanthi Saliba (Alumni of the UCLA Design and Media Arts program, USA)is a media artist, designer, and researcher exploring cultural phenomena and practices in urban environments. Her work moves through a spectrum of multiple media forms and disciplines, including graphic design, photography, video and audio installation, design research and strategy, online environments, and data visualization. Drawing from an anthropocentric and anthropometric approach, her work explores the qualitative aspects of the subjective experience in the interactions between humans and the spaces that surround them. Through the development of a transdisciplinary practice, Melissanthi has focused on generating experimental and creative forms that frame and document experiences and interactions that happen in the moment, questioning given processes connected to knowledge and participation. Her work revolves around the constant quest of rendering visible the hidden aspects of open-air cultural practices and public spaces. Personally collected “data” expressing subjective states are the raw material for the curated assemblage of docu-fictional environments and portraits. As a writer, Melissanthi has published her essays on media aesthetics and media archaeology of urban environments, exploring past, current, and future sensibilities. As a design strategist and communication expert, she has worked as a consultant collaborating with well-known private and public organizations and Think Tanks. Melissanthi  holds a Bachelor of Science in Cultural Studies and Communication and a Master of Fine Arts from the UCLA Design and Media Arts program.

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