Moments of Liminal Space: Methodologies and Practices for The Study Of Transition


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  • Technology, Public and Spaces in the City

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  • Moments of Liminal Space: Methodologies and Practices for The Study Of Transition




  • Moments of Space is a multiplatform installation of a series of rhizomatic portraits of strangers who are waiting in the Los Angeles Union Station. The waiting room of a train station is a space lost in time where I go to observe. The waiting body becomes the threshold between the everyday experience of public spaces and the unexplored territory of subjective motional states and gestures. The movements of waiting are documented and then tracked and treated as data, and visualized through print, video animation and sound. The waiting body, withdrawn from its everyday functional state, reveals the microgeography of the space that surrounds it. The project brings into attention the purposeless forgotten gestures of waiting, addressing their need for representation. “Moments of Liminal Space” suggest a subjective tracing and mapping of different ways by which individuals move in space. The installation consists of 6 inkjet prints (42.5 x 32 inch), video (3 portable dvd players with 9 inch screen) and sound (3 mp3 players and speakers).

    The prints and the portable dvd players playing the video of the waiting individuals, are mounted on the wall. Electrical power supply will be needed for the  3 9-inch portable dvd players. The sound of the installation is playing out of 3 small portable speakers, connected to 3 mp3 players and it is not very loud, inviting visitors to go closer. The piece ideally requires bright lighting condition, in order to be viewed. In case of lack of space, the size of the installation could be reduced to 3 inkjet prints instead of 6. “Moments of Liminal Space” is a thesis project that was presented with great success at the UCLA New Wight Gallery, as part of the 2010 MFA show.

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