Michael Montanaro

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  • Director of Art, Choreographer, and Composer


  • ISEA1995

    Michael Montanaro, Canada. This artistic director and choreographer is also a composer, musician, actor and stage technician who graduated in dance at the Hartford (Connecticut, USA) Conservatory. He has performed with the Boston Ballet, Berkshire Ballet, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens and most notably with Groupe de la Place Royale of which he was artistic director for five years before returning to Montreal in 1985 to found Montanaro Danse. Among his more than fifteen creations, The Audition for the 50th Anniversary of Canada’s National Film Board, Non Angli Sed Angeli, rated “best dance performance” at the Singapore Festival of Arts and, in 1995, Unplugged, an intimate glimpse of his most recent choreography independent of other media.

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  • CA

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