Michael Punt

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    Michael Punt is an artist and film maker who has been exhibiting since the late 1960s. He contributes to International research both in early film history and the cultural analysis of interactive digital media. He is active through his contributions to con­ferences and articles in scholarly journals and books. In 1992-1996, he was awarded a major research scholarship by the University of Amsterdam. He was a contributing edi­tor of interact, a European journal concerned with interac­tive learning programmes, and is a regular contributor to Skrien, a Dutch journal of film and television criticism. He has exhibited video and installation work internationally, is a member of the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, and teaches Film Studies at University of Wales College, Newport. Recent publications include articles in Velvet Light Trap, Leonardo, Design issues, Kintop, MA Proceedings, ASCA Brief 2, and forthcoming in 1997 in Kintop and Design Issues.

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  • Newport, United Kingdom

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