Art In The Post-Biological Era


Session Title:

  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure Des Beaux Arts De Paris

Presentation Title:

  • Art In The Post-Biological Era



  • Panel Statement

    • OLATS,  l’Observatoire Leonardo des Arts et des Techno-Sciences
    • CAiiA-STAR, Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts, Science, Technology and Art Research Group. Founded by Roy Ascott and based at the University of Wales, UK.

    All day panels at Ensba, Ecole nationale superieure des beaux-Arts

    Through the presentation of the works and researches of the artists members of the research group CAiiA-STAR, this symposium will point out the state of the art in the current creation and explore the emerging fields in techno-sciences related art : biotechnological art, online creativity, interrelationship between physical and cyberspace, the link between the ancient myths and the contemporary practices, an approach to a consciousness reframed by the contemporary technologies, etc.

    Participants : Roy Ascott, Peter Anders, Donna Cox, Elisa Giaccardi, Diane Gromala, Pamela Jennings, Eduardo Kac, Jim Laukes, Dan Livingstone, Kieran Lyons, Simone Michelin, Laurent Mignonneau, Joseph Nechvatal, Marcos Novak, Michaek Punt, Niranjan Rajah, Gretchen Schiller, Bill Seaman, Thecla Schiphorst, Chris Speed, Christa Sommerer.

    Organizations: OLATS and CAiiA-STAR, in partnership with the CID, Mediatheque of the National School of Fine Arts (Ensba), Paris.