Naoko Tosa


  • Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies and Kyoto University

Job Title:

  • Associate Professor, Director, and Lecturer



  • ISEA1997

    Naoko Tosa is a Director (Interactive Theater Project) in the ATR Media Integration & Communications Research Laboratories. She is also a Visiting Associate Professor in Kobe University, and a lecturer in the Dept. of Imaging Arts and Sciences, Mu.s.a.shino Art University. Her major research area is Art and Technology where she is working on the creation of Experimental Film, Video Art, computer graphics animation, and interactive arts. Her recent work includes the Neuro-Baby project, an autonomous computer agent with automatic facial expression and behavior syn­thesis that can respond to human voice by recognizing emotions and feelings. Her work was exhibited at Museum of Modern Art (New York), Metropolitan Art Museum, SIGGRAPH, Ars Electronica, Long Beach Museum, and other locations worldwide. Also, her works are collected at The Japan Foundation, American Film Association, Japan Film Culture Center, Nagoya Prefecture Modern Art Museum Japan, and other institutions in Japan.


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  • JP

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