Alive Cinema: Romeo and Juliet in Hades


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  • Alive Cinema: Romeo and Juliet in Hades



  • Ever since the Lumiere brothers created Cinematography at the end of the 19th century, motion pictures have undergone various advances in both technology and content. Today, motion pictures, or movies, have established themselves as a composite art form in a wide domain that extends from fine arts to entertainment. Interaction technology provides movies with much greater inherent possibilities than the current forms of movies, because it allows each viewer to get involved in the movie world, metamorphose into the main character in a movie regardless of their age and even gender, and enjoy a first-hand experience. Based on this concept, we have developed an interactive movie system. This system has two basic characteristics. The first characteristic is the use of CG technology and the generation of three dimensional imagery to create a cyberspace in which all participants obtain a feeling of immersion. We can developed multi-person participation, emotions recognition, gesture recognition, the participants the feeling of actually contributing to the development of the story in the cyberspace, we use a system that shows avatars as the alter egos of the participants on a screen. Also, the system to we have produced an interactive story based on this system. We selected “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare as the base story. The main plot of the story is as follows. After their tragic suicide their souls are sent to Hades, where they have no recollection of anything. Then, each of them starts on a journey to rediscover who he/she is and what relationship they shared.