Nathalie Dubois Calero

ISEA Bio(s) Available:

  • ISEA2020

    Bioartist with one foot in the art (graduated in Fine Art-BFA), one foot in science (Ph.D. in plant science), my preferred media are micro-organisms, growing over a fabric, in co-culture with Rochelle crystals, integrated into metal/plaster objects or as a very personal food, making colonies from airborne spores or human bodies. My works are a reflection about our relationships with microbes as a part of ourselves and the world we cannot completely dominate or control, but that is an intimate part of ourselves- we breathe them, live, coevoluate with them. We act as a master of the Universe, but what are we? Bacterial and viral humans trying to dominate everything because we can’t dominate the non-human (or too much human?) part of ourselves? Born in France and living in Montreal, Canada, I am affiliated to the Speculative Life Lab Cluster, Milieux Institute for Arts Culture and Technology, Concordia University, Montreal, Qc, Canada, since 2016.


Last Known Location:

  • Montréal, Québec, Canada

Previous Location(s):

  • FR


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