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    • Nathaniel Stern is Associate Professor of Digital Studio Practice at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA, and Research Associate at the University of Johannesburg, ZA.


    • Nathaniel Stern is an artist and writer, Fulbright grantee and professor, interventionist and public citizen. He has produced and collaborated on projects ranging from ecological, participatory and online interventions, interactive, immersive and mixed reality environments, to prints, sculptures, videos, performances and hybrid forms. His book, Interactive Art and Embodiment: The Implicit Body as Performance, is due for release in mid-2013. It argues that interactive art suspends and amplifies the ways in which we experience embodiment as per-formed, relational, and emergent. He provides many in-depth case studies of contemporary artworks that develop a practice of embodied philosophy, setting a stage to explore how we inter-act and relate with the world. He offers a valuable critical framework for analysing interactive artworks and what’s at stake in our encounters with them, which can be applied to a wide range of complex and emerging art forms. and



    Nathaniel Stern is an experimental installation and video artist, net.artist, printmaker and writer. He recently completed his Ph.D. on interactive art and embodiment at Trinity College Dublin, and is currently Assistant Professor of Art at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, US.

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