Neil B. Rolnick

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    Neil B. Rolnick has been active as a composer and performer of computer music since the late 1970s. John Rockwell of the New York Times has said that Rolnick’s “vernacularly flavored electronic music is already known and admired. [His] pieces Macedonian AirDrumming, Vocal Chords and I Like It — all had pop elements but were really serious works of art. But fun serious works of art”. Kyle Gann of the Village Voice comments that “his music is state-of-the-art computer stuff, but Rolnick has good senses of humor and showmanship, and he’s never cold or inhuman”. Bob Doerschuk of Keyboard Magazine describes Rolnick as “among the brighter lights on the horizons of contempo­rary music”. His music is featured on ten records and com­pact discs, with an eleventh disk due to be released in early 1998 by Albany Records. His collaborative works with video artists and filmmakers have been shown internationally in museums, including the Whitney Museum and Museum of Modern Art in New York City. As an arts educator, Mr. Rolnick directs the IEAR Studios at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In this capacity he has been responsible for devel­oping a unique Master of Fine Arts program which offers a fresh and interdisciplinary approach to professional educa­tion for the electronic arts, including computer music, video, and computer imaging and animation.

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