New Ideas in Electronic Arts Education At Rensselaer’s MAR Studios


Presentation Title:

  • New Ideas in Electronic Arts Education At Rensselaer’s MAR Studios



  • The TEAR Studios at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has taken a unique approach to education in the electronic arts. Since 1991, we have offered an MFA in Electronic Arts which stresses integration of a variety of artistic disciplines, including computer music, video art, computer art, web art, performance and installation.Our model for this program has been to build an art school within Rensselaer’s out-standing technological environment. In 1996-97, in collaboration with the Institute’s Department of Language Literature & Communications, we began offering an undergraduate bachelor’s degree in Electronic Media, Arts and Communication (EMAC).This new degree combines iEAR’s approach to electronic arts as a multidisciplinary art practice, with a strong grounding in communications theory and practice.

    This presentation will present a detailed description of the current state of evolution of the curriculum in the MFA pro¬gram, and of the electronic arts portion of the curriculum in the EMAC program. I will examine the underlying belief in the importance of an interdisciplinary education for artists who will be working the electronic tools of the 21st Century, I will also describe the differences in approaches used in designing the graduate and undergraduate programs, and show some examples of student work.The presentation will close with a discussion of the ongoing strategies which we have followed in purchasing and installing equipment for student use in these programs.