Paul Brown

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    Paul Brown is editor of Fine Arts Forum and professor at Griffith University in Australia. He is an artist, curator, and writer on the cultural implications of art and technology.


    Paul Brown is an artist who has been using computer technology for over twenty years. Since 1992, he has edited the art and technology net news service, FineArt Forum.


    Paul Brown is an artist who has been using computers for twenty years. In 1980 he was a cofounder of the UK’s first computer animation company, Digital Pictures, and, in 1986 a founder of their National Centre for Computer Aided Art and Design. In 1988 he moved to Australia and, in 1990 helped establishing the Advanced Computer Graphics Centre in Melbourne. He has published numerous papers about art and technology and his artworks have been exhibited internationally. Since 1992 he has edited FineArt Forum, the art and technology network news service.

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  • Brighton, United Kingdom

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