Paul Dunham

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  • New Zealand School of Music and Victoria University of Wellington, PhD candidate

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  • ISEA2022

    Paul Dunham is a New Zealand based sound artist. His recent work has seen a focus of the relationship between past and contemporary media and connecting their socio-cultural and technical conditions of existence. As media archaeology these relationships are represented and expressed through sound as recorded works, installations or performances.
    In addition, he has composed a range of acousmatic and electroacoustic works utilising a range of materials ranging from broken media to environmental sounds.
    His works have been exhibited nationally and internationally including the New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference (Birmingham and Shanghai), ISEA (Durban and Montreal) and Ars electronica Garden Aotearoa (New Zealand).
    He has recently completed his PhD in Sonic Arts at Victoria, University of Wellington.


    Paul Dunham is currently a PhD candidate at the New Zealand School of Music (NZSM), Te Kōkī at Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand). He holds a Bachelor of Music (Composition) with First Class Honours. He has produced a number of sound-based works across different media. His current research is focused on creating a series of sound sculptures that, within the transdisciplinary frame of media archaeology. This research aims to establish a narrative through the convergence of obsolete and current media technologies whilst exploring the sound producing qualities of these media in his work. Previous works have been exhibited and presented at The Dowse, Adam Art Gallery, Victoria University, The Pyramid Club (Wellington) and at the Australian Computer Music Conference (Sydney), International Symposium on Electronic Art (Durban) and xCoAx (Milan).

    ISEA 2018

    Paul Dunham is a recent graduate of the New Zealand School of Music, Te Kōkī at Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand). He has produced a number of sound works across different media. His current interest is in the use of electro-mechanical devices as sound objects and their use in sound installations. He has exhibited and presented works at The Dowse, Adam Art Gallery, Victoria University (Wellington) and at ACMC (Sydney). His work, Click, was a finalist in the 2017 Lilburn Trust NZSM Composers Competition. He holds a Bachelor of Music (Composition) with First Class Honours.


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  • New Zealand

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