Paul Sermon


  • The University of Salford


  • Research Centre for Art and Design

Job Title:

  • Professor of Creative Technology and Artist



  • ISEA2016

    For over 25 years, Paul Sermon’s work in the field of telematic arts explores the emergence of user-determined narratives between remote participants who are brought together within shared telepresent environments. Through the use of live chroma-keying, video projection and videoconference technology these geographically divided audience participants are composited live in intimate social spaces. This is essentially how all his installation projects function, where the public participant plays an integral part within these telematic experiments, which simply wouldn’t function without their presence and engagement within them. The participant controls and choreographs their human avatar in new telematic spaces, in combination with another physically remote public performer. As an artist Sermon am both designer of the environment and instigator of the narrative, which he determines through the social and political context that he chooses to play out these telepresent encounters.


    A Professor of Creative Technology at the Research Centre for Art and Design, The University of Salford, UK. Since the early nineteennineties Paul Sermon’s practice-based research in the field of contemporary media arts has centred on the creative use of telecommunication technologies.


Current Location:

  • GB

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