Out of Sight, Out of Mind


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  • Out of Sight, Out of Mind




  • This panel will present the outcomes of a two-week residency by a research team from the University of Brighton, School of Art and the University for the Creative Arts in September 2018 on the Mar Menor, a 170 km² saltwater lagoon on the south east coast of Spain. The team were invited to undertake practice-based research on the changing ecosystem of this unique natural landscape, resulting from damages caused by intensive agriculture, increased tourism and rising sea levels. The project and panel has been developed by a team of three artists, each bringing specific experience and knowledge of 360° video to undertake the research and create a unique understanding and manifestation of the changing ecosystem of the Mar Menor. This includes Paul Sermon who is currently working on collocated telematic experiences in 360° live video environments, Charlotte Gould’s work on developing immersive 360° animated augmented reality and Jeremiah Ambrose who is working on gaze controlled navigation through 360° video narratives. The overarching aim of this project is to create a unique interactive 360° video experience of the Mar Menor that manifests the anthropocene effects on this natural landscape as augmented surreal and metaphysical interpretations of the artist’s experiences during the residency. Through environmental, social, economic and cultural observations and encounters the team are creating an immersive 360° installation environment that incorporates both video and audio recordings with augmented imaginary and predicted realities transformed from scientific data in obscure and profound guises.