Pedro Ângelo

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  • ISEA2011

    Pedro Ângelo  is a researcher on tangible interfaces for game design at EngageLab and an Master’s student in Technology and Digital Art at the University of Minho, Portugal.  He’s the local coordinator of Audiência Zero’s LCD hack/medialab in Porto, Portugal and an independent technical research consultant for creative projects. He has been around coding and games since he got his first computer at age eight. Since then, he has been a DJ, drummer apprentice, record shop clerk, sound designer and somehow got himself a BSc. In Computer Science. After a brief experience as a researcher digging through 80’s Fortran code for astronomic simulations, his interest in the expressive potential of videogames and his love of the demoscene made him enroll in a MSc in Computer Graphics where he met a group of talented individuals with whom he founded his own startup. As a Free Software and Free Culture activist, he has been involved in the foundation and organization activities of the PortoLinux user group, the Portuguese Blender community, the Audiência Zero cultural association, and the LCD lab. His current research interests lie on building disruptive social and technological structures for participatory culture, coding as a form of fundamental literacy, the appropriation of videogame technology and concepts for expressive purposes, open-source digital fabrication, and do-it-yourself hardware/software musical tools.

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  • Porto, PT

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