Peter Sweenen


  • Rotterdam Academy for Art & Design, Utrecht School of Arts, Rochester Institute of Technology, SCAN, and American University

Job Title:

  • Artist, Film maker, Producer, and Visiting Professor


  • ISEA1995

    Peter Sweenen is a visual artist, independent and commissioned filmmaker and television producer. He is an A-level tutor at the Rotterdam Academy for Art & Design, of the Utrecht School of Arts and visiting professor at Scan (Groningen), the Rochester Institute of Technology (USA), the American University (Washington DC), and the Animation Workshop (Viborg, Danemark). He has created logos and animated intros, notably for SISEA and for the Foundation for Contemporary Improvised Music, both in 1990, and created many films, among which Crucifix (’78), Bite (’80), Almost Clutched his Hand (’82), Animation has no Borders (’86) and Snert (’91).

Current Location:

  • NL

Art Events:

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