“Imagine the Skylines of the World” by Peter Sweenen, Robin Noorda

  • ©1994, Peter Sweenen and Robin Noorda, Imagine the Skylines of the World


    Imagine the Skylines of the World

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    This work is the result of a live, on-stage art performance by Robin Noorda and Peter Sweenen, held on May 17, 1994 in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the Netherlands. The event was staged at the occasion of the Jaarbeurs’ first Imagination trade show, on digital imaging. The aim of the project was to cross space and time by means of a desktop video conferencing system, catching the Now Moment on a virtual canvas. Working simultaneously with artists in Boston, Sydney and Tokyo, we all had access to remote control cameras (pan, tilt, zoom & focus) on rooftops positioned at different locations all over the world. Each artist was able to grab images, manipulate them and include them in the collage in real time, while seeing the complete work in progress. The image was also projected in front of a live audience of some 500 people in Utrecht. Participating artists were Diana Roman (Boston), Sui Moritu (Tokyo), Josephine Grieve (Sydney), Peter Sweenen & Robin Noorda (Utrecht). Producer of the event was Wim van der Plas, The Netherlands.


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