Pierre Lafanéchère

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  • ISEA2023

    Pierre Lafanéchère Multidisciplinary artist, from a digital designer training. My work seeks to question our relationship to technology and its evolution. Going from computer-generated image to tangible devices, I explore digital, metal, wood, plastic as malleable materials allowing to divert uses and develop imaginations. My work revolves around animated images, digital installations, sculptures and automatons. I develop forms moving in physical and digital space in the service of an idea, a project, a moment. My research focuses on experimenting, sometimes diverting, various media and techniques in order to generate forms that take advantage of the aesthetic possibilities of new media. From this emerge fragments of fictions revealing certain current issues linked to mutations. I am also a member of the OYÉ collective, a group of visual artists, designers and scenographers who share a studio in Île de France.


Last Known Location:

  • Île de France, France, French Republic

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